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My name is Lauren,

and it’s so nice to meet you! I am a digital learning consultant, and I help educators, instructional coaches, digital teaching and learning coaches, and administrators in K-12 education by providing technology tutorials, implementation ideas, templates, and more! I love sharing new tools, and fostering collaboration opportunities to enhance teaching and learning experiences.

I am so passionate about #edtech because I have witnessed first hand how technology can enhance and further learning, how it can save teachers tens of hours per week, and because it's just fun to see all of the cool things teachers and students can do with it. My journey in the world of educational technology began in 2009 when I received a SMART Board for my room. When I say I went all in, I'm not exaggerating! I began researching, reading All.The.Blogs, and even started my own wikispace where I shared the lessons that I created. I became a SMART Certified Educator and everything. From there, things just spiraled. I went back to school and earned an add on license for Computers in Education, became a district level Digital Teaching and Learning Coach, and am now a regional consultant in North Carolina.

Photo of Lauren with short brown hair and a white shirt in front of a blurred, colorful background.

I have been in the field of educational technology since 2012, and since then I have presented at many local, state, and national conferences like NCTIES, ISTE, FETC, and TCEA. I have also been a presenter with since 2013 and have presented close to 100 different sessions for them ranging from research-based instructional strategies, tool based sessions, and sessions that focus on creating high quality content and instructional materials. In 2024, I earned my ISTE Certified Educator certification, as well as the CETL (Certified Education Technology Leader) certification from the Consortium for School Networking.

I am excited that you are joining me on this #edtech adventure! If you haven't already, please join my email list. I promise, no spam! I may reach out once or twice a month with new blog posts, freebies, and opportunities for professional learning.

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