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Coming to the Blog in July:

I am excited to bring you an in-dept series on exploring the potential of Generative AI (GenAI) in education called, AI Unleashed: Transforming Education One Byte at a Time. Here is the line up of posts (so far...)​

  1. 🤔 What the Heck is AI, Anyway? 💡

  2. 🛠️ Prompt Engineering: Building Effective AI Interactions 🤖

  3. ⚙️AI-Powered Efficiency: Streamlining Your Teacher Workflows 📈

  4. 🚀AI for Students: Empowering Learning with Artificial Intelligence 🧠

  5. 🎨Ignite Imagination: AI Tools for Student Creativity ✨

  6. ❗AI in the Classroom: Concerns and Considerations for Educators 🏫

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To celebrate the launch of my new website and TeachersPayTeachers store, I have a FREE Virtual Field Trip planning template just for you! Don't forget to read my blog post all about Virtual Field Trips too!

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